Pastor’s Vision

The vision of Pastor Fred Lott, Jr. for Turning Points Ministries is that we be a unique branch of the body of Christ characterized by:

  • An ongoing quest to let God “search our hearts” so that we may continually turn from sin and turn again toward Him (having “turning points”) and therefore never become stagnant in our spiritual growth (Psalm 51:10)
  • Our deep desire to seek God first, fervently, and foremost instead of seeking to please man.
  • Our teaching of the true Word of God which bears fruits of:
    • freedom from bondage
    • freedom from legalism
    • freedom from guilt and sin
    • a proper vision of self, based on the Word of God
    • power to live full lives that are holy and pure spiritually, financially, physically and emotionally as stated in (John 10:10)
  • Our emphasis on debt free living and good stewardship of all that God has given us including our marriages, finances, jobs, homes, talents, and time
  • Our emphasis on empowering the youth with a foundation of faith, hope, purity, righteousness, knowledge of the Word and ways of God, and a proper vision of self based on the Word of God
  • Our emphasis on striking a balance between outreach and “inreach” so that we reach out to the lost as much as we seek to equip the saved
  • Our commitment to and belief in prayer as an essential component and natural expression of our love for God
  • Our emphasis on each member establishing and maintaining an individual and meaningful relationship with God based on love and not duty which takes precedence over “church activity”